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Navigating personal transitions, growing a business, pursuing a creative venture? It can be overwhelming as well as a tremendous opportunity for growth. I know because I’ve lived it, personally + professionally.

It’s about giving yourself space to examine where you are in your journey, defining what you really want and connecting with the right people + resources that fuel you. That’s what I help people with. That’s what I love.


My approach to coaching taps into my background as an entrepreneur, advisor, and facilitator with the goal of supporting + inspiring women both personally and professionally. From acting as a sounding board and unpacking issues, to brainstorming solutions and creating action plans, I’m an ally + an advocate.


Something shifts in our 40s and 50s. After decades of racing, we suddenly wake up wondering what’s happening with our bodies, our relationships, families and sometimes the even more overwhelming question of what’s next’ ? I dig into these themes and more in the events + conversations that I produce as well as host.


Getting words down on paper is how I process and reflect. It’s where I go to ‘flow.’ In my current essay collection Yes, it’s completely normal… I explore ‘truths’ – that’s what I call going inside myself and fessing up. In other words, the thought(s) I seldom share with others and surprise…, others aren’t sharing either.

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“Julie was instrumental in steering our business into its successful launch. As our coach, she got in the boat with us and in many ways taught us to swim. Her energy is inspirational; her style is aspirational, and inner light radiates.”

Lindsay, Entrepreneur

“I worked with Julie as I launched my new career in real estate. She helps me strategize and build my business with intention and a plan. She’s also an amazing life coach + mentor helping me look at my life as a whole.  She keeps me on-track, focused with goals and deadlines.”

Shelley, Licensed Realtor

“Julie’s coaching got our team to the exact place it needed for continued success including dramatic upgrades to our offerings. Julie’s enthusiasm and honesty are contagious & refreshing!”

Betsey, Software Developer