Meaningful conversation

I’m a gatherer. I’ve been gathering people most of my adult life. Whether it’s as an entrepreneurial coach or on my back porch, I foster open and honest conversations that connect us to each other + to ourselves.

As a keynote speaker, moderator and small group facilitator, I’m about creating space, both live and digitally, for people to digest, engage + grow. That’s where the magic happens.

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“Julie is part strategist, part thought provoker, part cheerleader. She has a masterful knack for knowing how to discuss topics that keep every woman up at night.”

Kolleen, Event Attendee

Exploring the intersection of our 40s and 50s…

Speaker – Moderator  – Facilitator

Corporate teams

Entrepreneurs + Founders

Women’s Groups

Themes I speak to…

It’s Not Too Late…
A motivational talk that aims to reframe the outdated idea that “it’s too late” and provides inspiration + tools to help women explore new pursuits, both personally and professionally, regardless of age.

Who Are My People
A conversation that explores what friendship + community means as we age including guided prompts + tools for becoming more intentional about how and with who we spend our time.

What Now?
Our 40s + 50s mark a major period of transition: children become more independent bookended by aging parents, relationships evolve + priorities change, leaving many women to question ‘what now?’ This discussion provides insight + tools for how to approach this ‘intersection’ and chart a path forward.

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Fall  | Winter Topic:

“Living With This Thing”

 We’ve all got a thing.

Whether it’s conscious or subconscious, private or well-known, we all have a thing that’s hard. An aging parent, a troubled child, a secret dream, hints of loneliness, or bouts of shame.
Being human is complicated.
We invite you to digest our select sampling of content (a film, book + podcast…) as a way to spark reflection about the things we feel vulnerable about at this stage in our lives.

Our SEASONAL CIRCLE is designed to get your group laughing, talking, wondering + growing together.