The Midlife Truth Project

Introducing The Midlife Truth Project, a limited series podcast, co-hosted by myself and the brilliant Dr. Taz.

Why? Because midlife is one of the biggest, most explosive periods in a woman’s life – yet we don’t talk about it – why is that?

Imagine midlife as a series of waves all crashing onto shore; everything from what’s happening to our bodies in conjunction with perimenopause and menopause, evolving friendships, changing family dynamics, aging parents, financial security, to the often bigger question of what’s next?

Designed as an intimate audio journey, each episode will feature open, smart, ‘go-there’ style conversations with leading experts, authors, celebrities, thought leaders and public figures. Collectively, by delving into these unspoken, shared truths, The Midlife Truth Project PODCAST will help women feel less alone and more inspired to live their best chapters yet.

Launching Fall ‘24

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It’s about helping women feel less alone + more inspired to live their best chapters yet.
There’s so much to talk about!
Podcast launching Fall ´ 24

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