We all have a story…

IMAGINE a series of interviews, a time capsule of women’s voices, ages 45-57, their thoughts + feelings about how they’re experiencing the intersection of their 40s + 50s.

Collectively these SHARED TRUTHS: enlightening truths, hard truths, vulnerable truths, and inspirational truths, will help us normalize and reframe what aging looks like today.

By amplifying these reflections, women will feel less alone + more empowered to TAKE CHARGE of this unique chapter in their lives.

What do I need to do? Not much, just show up.

How long does it take? It’s a 45-minute Q+A style interview. And don’t worry you don’t have to prepare anything.

What will we cover? How you’re experiencing this new chapter, referred to as midlife, and the myriad of transitions that we often face including…

  • What’s happening to my body?

  • Evolving friendships + relationships

  • Aging parents

  • Financial security

  • What’s next + what do I want?

How do I sign-up? Easy. simply schedule your interview HERE and we’ll send you the calendar invite incl. a link to the meeting room.

I’m always rethinking myself lately and how I react to others and reading more.

Age: 46

I feel like I need to formulate a plan so that I can take advantage of this next chapter.

Age: 54

I wonder what my purpose in life is, or I have to find a new purpose because I’ve been defined by parenthood for so long.

Age: 54

I like midlife. I like that I’m not a kid anymore. I like gathering wisdom from the 46 years I’ve been alive at this point, and that I can be helpful to other people in that way.

Age: 47

Question: Does the word midlife resonate with you? 

Answer: No. I’m 54. I’m not going to live to 108.

Age: 54

I’m more emotional about family and kids growing up …and what the hell I’m going to do with myself?

Age: 46

Even thought I feel grounded and have people… I also feel very lonely.

Age: 47

It’s a double-edged sword. I’m not enjoying the uncertainty (of midlife) but I’m also excited for it.

Age: 48

I really don’t enjoy being a parent to my mother, it’s really, really hard… i feel guilty that I’m not there more often… I feel nervous because it’s (Alzheimer’s) is hereditary. I’m just sad that she has no quality of life… and it’s financially very stressful.

Age: 46

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